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Shovelling snow – Christmas 2010

Posted in Random thoughts... on December 30, 2010 by classicchinny

Deuteronomy 31:6

I was watching a man shovel his driveway last week.  Well, I should say he was trying to shovel his driveway last week.  He had a little, shall we say “help” with him out there: a toddler, able to walk, able to hold his own, and able to hold a shovel.  But the boy was not really able to help.  The work needing to be done required some skill that the boy did not yet have, yet the boy was out there for a while playing in the big pile of snow his dad made, then trying to shovel a little bit, and then the boy resorted to just following the dad, back and forth along the driveway, laughing every time the dad stopped walking or shovelling to turn and go the other direction.  Every time the dad turned directions, it seemed as though the boy was surprised, even though the dad had just done exactly the same thing five times earlier.  Meanwhile the dad laughed along with the boy, although I am sure the dad was thinking something like, “What did you expect me to do?”  The boy fell several times while they were out there.  He probably tripped over his snow pants, or was not used to the boots, or didn’t account for uneven terrain.  Every time the boy fell, the dad stopped what he was doing, turned and reached down to pick the boy up, dust him off, and encourage him to keep going.

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There is something better out there – it’s you!

Posted in Random thoughts... on September 22, 2009 by classicchinny

I realize that writing a status will get people to see it, and like most people, I secretly wish people respond to the statuses I post. I am guilty of writing one tonight that I hoped people would respond to so I could get pity (thanks to the person who responded, I just didn’t feel like going on and on about my problem), and so I could express my anger at the world and the present place I find myself in…. let me explain….
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A little diddy about Dan and Larry

Posted in Random thoughts... on July 9, 2009 by classicchinny

A little story about Dan and Larry.boat_mechanic

Let me set the stage… we were camping up north with the in-laws.  Papa had put in a year of work into the boat after major problemos last year, Continue reading

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