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“Should”s and “Supposed to”s – Christ the King C – Nov 20 2016

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Luke 23:33-45661613189_65be533432_b3

When a king is born, who do you think the king’s parents are?  Well, they were kings and queens themselves – because a king passes down his crown to his oldest child, so a new king is born, his parents are usually a king or a queen already.

When a king is born, where do you think they are born?  In the castle.  When a king is born, who would be around there? All the servants are bustling around.  When a king is born, who usually comes to see the new baby king?  All the fancy people, other kings and queens, and lords, and knights, and the very high up people.  Who follows a king?  Well, only the people that live in the kings kingdom.  If you lived in the king’s kingdom, then you would follow him.  And when a king passes away, when a king dies, where do you think they would die?  Maybe in battle, or maybe in the castle of old age?

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