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Transfigured – Transfiguration Sunday – March 6 2011

Posted in Messages - Year A - Nov 10 - Nov 11 on March 7, 2011 by classicchinny

Matthew 17:1-9

I’d like to connect today’s Gospel with last week’s Gospel, but to set the stage for our discussion, why were or why are the events in today’s Gospel (the Transfiguration) so important?

– Ghost appears – do we really die?

– Very significant Jewish leaders – two of the big guys for sure – Peter’s reaction is important – nervous or reverent, God seems to rebuke him.

– Reminds me of confirmation or affirmation of Baptism

– Reminds disciples of who Jesus is, and the company He keeps

– Moses represents the law, Elijah represents the prophets, and Jesus???

– Who is left to come down the mountain?

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