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Hoping to wait – Advent 1 – Nov. 28 2010

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Matthew 24:36-44

Mom and I had really good family friends that lived in Rocky Mountain House.  A couple times a year, they would come to Edmonton to visit family, and they would stay at our place.  Dennis was the father of two girls and was married to Marilyn and every time they visited, I couldn’t wait for them to arrive.  Dennis was so much fun and was the quintessential duck – he let things roll of his back like I’ve never seen.  I’ve also seen him mad – but things had to be pretty bad to get him upset, and then look out.  Dennis and I would play catch for hours – he would call me Jose Canseco.  I would just smile because I had no idea who he was talking about, but we would pretend I was the pitcher and he was the catcher.  He would signal with his fingers for the pitch – fastball, split finger, slider, knuckle ball, curve.  I never mastered any of those pitches, but it didn’t matter.  Dennis was a hero – playing hockey with him in the hallway or catch in the yard, I felt free, and open and had so much fun.

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United – All Saints Sunday – Oct 31 2010

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Luke 6:20-31

Looking at these Beatitudes, I call them Luke’s Beatitudes, although they are definitely Jesus’ words, not Luke’s, how are they different than Matthew’s Beatitudes, the ones that we are more familiar with?


Although the NRSV translation that we read uses the word “woe”, what other words do you think could go in place of “woe”?  Beware? Be careful?


It seems that Jesus is creating two separate boxes and is separating man into two boxes, the blessed and the woed?  Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?  After reading today’s Gospel, who do you think are the blessed and who are the woed?


We like to look at the dichotomy – the black and white – the blessed and the woed.  Are we found guilty today for thinking like the Pharisee praying in the temple we heard about last week?  Do we think, “Thank goodness I am not rich, because now I am blessed!”?  After hearing the Beatitudes, we are probably also guilty of thinking, “Thank goodness I am not like so-so, because he is rich and I am not.”  It is easy for us to use the Beatitudes to condemn – to shake our finger at the world and say, “Jesus will bless those who are poor, hungry, mourning and those who are persecuted, that’s us the Christians, but good luck to those of you who are rich, full and laughing because God is gonna get ya.”  And in the back of our mind, we love the Beatitudes because we feel we get blessed. But the Beatitudes are not a litmus test, they aren’t to condemn or to allow us to judge.

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