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Biggest and Best – Pentecost 24 – Nov 15 09

Posted in Messages - Year B - Nov 08 - Nov 09 on November 16, 2009 by classicchinny

We have a tendency to pursue the biggest and best.  This past week I was in Northern temple_mount_carved_stone_croppedSaskatechewan with 3 other men, pursuing the biggest and best buck.  This is easy for men to do; we do this quite well – the pursuit of the biggest and best.  This pursuit fits with today’s lessons.  We hope that the best rifle, the best quad, the best spot, the best hunter, the best shot, the best stuff will get us the best buck.  We hope that the biggest and best truck will bring us the biggest and best reward.  And it goes on and on.  We get distracted easily by this search for the biggest and best. Continue reading


All Saints Day – November 1 09 –

Posted in Messages - Year B - Nov 08 - Nov 09 on November 3, 2009 by classicchinny

This true story is titled Not-So-Blind Chang and is about a man named Chang Shen all_saints_daywho lived in China in about 1890 from the book Jesus Freaks, vol 2 by DC Talk.

The story begins, “Chang Shen was known to those villages in the surrounding areas as… ‘one without a particle of good in him.’  He was a gambler and a thief, a womanizer who had driven his wife and daughter from their home.  The townspeople said it was the judgement of the gods for his evildoings when he was stricken with blindness.
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